Foto 150
16 dicembre 2015
Jag Älskar Dig
12 ottobre 2016


Christina is trying to get a ticket to the premiere of Woody Allen movie at the film festival. Accidentally photographers mistake her for a movie star and begin to take her pictures, while bystanders ask her for the autographs. Christina slowly dismiss the notion that she is not an actress and assumes the role of Diva! Suddenly she met the producer of Woody Allen – charming, middle-aged Italian man. He offers Christina a role in the upcoming film and invites her to the premiere. Christina’s dreams grew from getting a mere ticket to the wanton desire to become a movie star and win the heart of this multimillionaire, and everything that is attached to him. Story has a funny twist and comes around the full circle.Written by Marina Orlova


Marina Orlova (script writer)

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