Rodolfo Corsato
Ultima Foto
12 novembre 2015
Foto 150
16 dicembre 2015


“I love you… Divorce story”

Is a warm comedy drama where falling in love challenges old-fashion family values, and wich allows two lost souls to be reborn and start over in the middle of their lives.  Rodolfo is a successful art photographer and exiting Southern European with a Swedish connection. He truly is Gustaf’s total opposite, sensual, emotional and impulsive. He also happens to be the new boyfriend of Marianne.Despite a difficult start, Marianne and Rodolfo feelings for each other grow strong. His is on a visit to Stockholm for his exhibition of Photographic art, but also to visit his biological mother, whom he was never met.

Director Johan Brisinger

Producer Lena Rehnberg

Stella Nova Film

Cast: Christine Meltzer as Marianne and Björn Kjellman as Gustaf and Rodolfo Corsato as Rodolfo

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