Rodolfo Corsato has had a long and varied career in cinema and television in Italy and he graduated at “Bottega Teatrale di Vittorio Gassmann” in Florence (1986-1987)

He is well known for his appearances in the Italian equivalent of Doctor House: “Terapia d’urgenza” (2007) in the leading role of Riccardo Malosti for Rai Due (18 episodes) and “Crimini” (2008) playing the role of Inspector Campagna, again for RaiDue.

In 2009 he scored a big success as Dorian Lazslo in the series “Distretto di polizia”- 26 episodes on Canale 5. Other significant tv appearances include “Mr Ignis” the story of Giovanni Borghi, directed by Luciano Mannuzzi for Rai Uno and also “Gigi Meroni la Farfalla Granata” directed by Paolo Poeti and “Una Pallottola nel Cuore” with Gigi Proietti directed by Luca Manfredi both for Rai Uno.

He has also acted in English, playing a leading role in “What We Did On Our Holidays” with Pauline Collins and Roger Lloyd Pack for British television and most recently “Hello, I’m A Producer of Woody Allen” which was presented at Cannes this year (2016) with the Russian actress Marina Orlova. He has just finished shooting in Sweden:- “I Love You – A Divorce Story” directed by Johan Brisinger and produced by Lena Rehnberg for Stella Nova Film.

My first international experience (1993)  it was in the tv movie “A Private Affair” direct by Alberto Negrin with Rupert Graves well-known English Actor .

“Abraham” ( 1993) direct by Joseph Sargent with Richard Harris, Barbara Hershey,Vittorio Gassman,Maximilian Shell

“Joseph”     (1995) direct by Roger Young with Ben Kingsley,( Oscar for the Best Actor in a Leading Role “Ghandhi”); Paul Mercurio,  Martin Landau ( Oscar Best Actor  in a supporting role ” Ed Wood”). Lesley Ann Warren; Emmy Award  Outstanding Miniseries 1995 (Casting London Jeremy Zimmerman)

“The Sky under the desert” ( 1998)  direct by Alberto Negrin (casting Germany Cornelia von Braun) with Ben Cross, Peter Weller, Heino Ferch ( german actor)

“The Talented  Mr.Ripley” (1999)  direct by Anthony Minghella (casting UK Sarah Beardsall)  with Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Cate Blanchett, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

“Beyond our Dreams”  (2000)  (Passeur de reves) direct by Hiner Salem (Iraqi, Kurdistan director)

“Crusaders” (2001)  direct by Dominique Othenin- Girard ( casting Germany Cornelia von Braun) with Armin Mueller-Stahl (Oscar Nomination for Best Actor in a supporting Role   “Shine” )  and Uwe Ochsenknecht ( german actor)


“Once you are Born you can no longer  hide”  In competition in Cannes Film Festival 2005 direct by Marco Tullio Giordana (Cannes Film Festival Francois Chalais Award 2005) and nomination Silver Ribon Best Supporting Actor Rodolfo Corsato 2006


“What We Did on Our Holyday” 2006. Direct by Jeremy Webb. Producer Chris Carey ITV1, Andy Harries Oscar Nomination for The Queen 2006 with Helen Mirren, Shefali Malhoutra Granada Prodution London.


“You and Me” 2012 direct by Bernardo Bertolucci Special Event  Cannes Film Festival 2013

“Jag alskar dig- En skismassokomedi” Direct by Johan Brisinger  Stella Nova Film Lena Rehnberg with Bjorn Kjellman and Chiristine Meltzer


My last casting USA Movie was for “Live by Night” written and to be direct by Ben Afflek for Warner Bross USA casting Mindy Marin

My last casting in Paris was one year ago with Sylvie Brochere casting director  for the leading actor “Borderline” Canal plus television series direct by Olivier Marchal produced by Luc Besson.


2016 “HELLO! I’M A PRODUCER OF WOODY ALLEN” Director Nicola de Orsola and Matteo Garrone Protagonist World Premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2016 Best International Short Film at MIFF Awards 2016 Festival Moscow 2016 Siena Film Festival 2016 Orlando Film Festival 2016.

2016 “BLACK VATICAN” Director Claudio Cicconetti Co-protagonist Produced by Luigi De Laurentiis

2013 “INTO THE INFERNO” Regia di Nicolò Tagliabue Co-protagonist English live recording in New York

2012 “L’ HOMME” Director Stephane Denis and Alice Lhermite Role: Vincente.( protagonist). french live recordingin Paris

2012 “LE PARRAIN” Director Stephane Denis and Alice Lhermite Role: Le Parrain. ( protagonist) french live recording in Paris

2010 “LOYALTY AND DECEPTION” Director Nicolo’ Tagliabue Role: Dante (Protagonist) Played at New York – english live recording Lenght: 20 minutes SPECIAL MENTION at New York Short Film Festival 2011 “The actor Rodolfo Corsato clearly demonstrates the talent to be equally interesting not only in traillers but in other genres as well.” Produced by Nicolo’ Tagliabue and Rodolfo Corsato 2


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